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Karen L. Powell, C.F.P.


Your Life and Legacy - Everplan

What is an Everplan from Everplans on Vimeo.

Have you ever had to tie up the loose ends when a loved one was gone? It is not pleasant, but the hassle is preventable.

How Do You Have A Discussion That No One Wants To Have? 

“Just-in-case” planning isn’t only about wills and life insurance. The loved one who will be charged with taking care of your affairs has many other concerns. It’s turning off the cable and taking care of the cat. It’s knowing whether you want flowers at your funeral or gifts for your favorite charity. It’s making sure that there won’t be piles of paperwork to sort through or any family arguments. You can make it easier, and it’s all in your Everplan.

Everplans is a simple tool that guides you step-by-step through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions, giving you a complete plan and ensuring your loved ones aren’t left with hassles.

Organize your vital documents and final wishes

We’re talking about your will, of course, but also the things you’re probably not considering, like usernames and passwords to accounts your family may need to access.

Everplans walks you through what you’ll want to leave behind, giving you the opportunity to list—and explain—all your decisions and wishes.

  • Make sure your beneficiaries know who to contact with questions
  • Be certain you don’t miss a single document or bit of information
  • Have a say in everything from your final directives to who gets your secret family recipes
  • Give special instructions on things like taking care of a family pet

Store all your information securely in one place

Everplans operates like an electronic safety-deposit box, but it’s safer and smarter because it allows
you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly accessible—location.
Now, no one has to wonder where you kept, say, the deed to your vacation property or code to unlock
your cell phone.

  • You’ll receive a personal email from your advisor with a unique link to your Everplan
  • Click the link, and you’ll be guided through the setup process
  • Once your account is set up, just follow the steps to completing your plan

Share only what you want and designate who gets to see it

You’ll select “deputies” who can access your documents and information—these are family members,
friends and other beneficiaries or professionals—but you can choose which deputies have access to
which documents. So even in the event of an emergency, or after you’re gone, you’ll have control of
your private matters.

  • Choose your deputies
  • Designate who gets to access specific sections
  • Trust that your wishes will be met

NOTE: Your Advisor will not be able to see your data, unless you designate them as a deputy and specify what you want them to see. Otherwise, the advisor can only see if you are using the service they are providing to you free of charge.

Your Everplan is the easiest, most important plan of your life. Get started today

 If you are not a current client, but would like to take advantage of this service, please send an email to or call our office.